Skills Competition Showcases Prowess, and Competition Promotes Improvement

Aug 15, 2023

——Successful hosting of the second annual Chemical Inspector Skills Competition of the Heben group

To enhance the chemical testing proficiency across the group’s headquarters and its various subsidiary companies, and to comprehensively showcase the professional skills of inspectors, a skills competition will be held.

Through this competition, a group of talented technical experts will be selected and nurtured, aiming to build a highly skilled workforce that can adapt to the group’s rapid development. The finals of the second annual Chemical Inspector Skills Competition for the Group Company will take place on July 27-28 at the Zhejiang headquarters.

the second annual Chemical Inspector Skills Competition

A total of 31 participants registered for this competition, and after intense preliminary rounds, 9 outstanding contestants from the group’s headquarters, Jiangsu, and Sichuan subsidiaries have emerged as finalists.

On the morning of the 27th, the Chemical Inspector Skills Competition officially kicked off. Tang Yindong, the Deputy General Manager of the group, delivered a speech. He mentioned that this competition provides a platform for employees to showcase their skills, offering an opportunity for mutual exchange and learning.

He encouraged all participating contestants to cherish this valuable opportunity to hone their technical skills, learn from the competition, and leverage their strengths to showcase their expertise!

After the opening ceremony, the participating contestants entered the finals venue in accordance with the draw order. This year’s competition content follows the previous years but has been refined to include fundamental aspects, covering theoretical knowledge, chemical analysis, gas-phase operations, and liquid-phase operations in four distinct areas.

Figure 2 In the competition
Figure 3 In the competition
Figure 4 In the competition
Figure 5 In the competition

In the tense competition moments, the contestants remain calm and composed, handling the challenges with poise, emphasizing precision, speed, and accuracy……Their proficient skills and professional qualities have left a deep impression on the judges.

After two days of thrilling competition, the second annual Chemical Inspector Skills Competition has successfully concluded! Chen Yanyao from the Quality Management Department of the Group Headquarters outperformed all competitors and emerged as the champion!

Figure 6 Champion

During the award ceremony on the 29th, Liao Wenbin, the manager of the Quality Management Department at the Group Headquarters, summarized the competition and gave full recognition to the participants’ skill levels.

He stated, “One minute on stage, ten years of hard work off stage.”

The outstanding performances and excellent results on the competition stage were the results of the participants’ hard work and reflected their high level of professional competence and training.

At the same time, Manager Liao also pointed out the shortcomings of this year’s skills competition and emphasized that each participant should identify areas for improvement and draw lessons from the competition.

He encouraged them to use the competition as a means to improve, change, learn, and apply knowledge to their work. As the saying goes, “A hundred feet above, one still has a long way to go.”

The Chemical Inspector Skills Competition serves as an “inspection field” where the group’s chemical analysts have a platform for high-level competition and mutual learning. It promotes the enhancement of both the professional and overall qualities of the laboratory technicians.

It will undoubtedly further stimulate the enthusiasm of the group’s laboratory technicians to strengthen their skills, delve into technology, and pursue excellence, laying a solid foundation for building a high-level quality inspection team!