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Envirnment, Health & Safety Policy

Heben adheres to the development philosophy of being green and environmentally conscious. We are dedicated to the research and production of environmentally friendly new products. Through technological research and development, we aim to realise the internal circulation of industrial by-products, comprehensive utilisation, and reduced emissions. We are working towards building a sustainable green enterprise.

Safety and environmental protection are of utmost importance to our company. We integrate the concepts of safety and environmentalism into every step of the production process via process-based and refined management.

We started to introduce the DCS automatic control system into the production system in 2015 and have invested more than 60 million yuan since then. Currently, the main production devices of our two major production bases can operate automatically, which has enhanced the level of automation and allowed for safe production.

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Management System

Over the years, Heben has adhered to the policy of “Technology Entrepreneurship, Quality Establishment”. We have strived to build a modern enterprise with strong competitiveness, and promoted the enterprise’s sustainable development strategy. We have also obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and the ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system certification, etc.

Our company has always considered innovation to be our development goal. We have actively explored domestic and foreign markets to occupy a good market reputation. We continue to develop newer technologies–$100 million in investment funds are specifically used for R&D each year.

Heben successfully passed the technical assessment organised by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Light Industrial Nonferrous Metals & Mechanical Electronic Products (NCL). After nearly a month of study and visits at INNsmith, we acquired the CTI certification, which approves Heben’s commitment to environmental change.

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People Development & Human Rights

Our employees are the key to our success. To attract and keep the best talent, we focus on creating work with meaning. We prioritise workplace safety, employee growth and development, and wellness, and we appreciate the uniqueness of each employee.

We also value the communities where we live and work. We give back to these communities through volunteerism and financial support. And we strive to empower people globally to improve their lives and reach their full potential. This involves promoting diversity and inclusion, creating prosperity, respecting human rights, and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the areas we operate in.

Human Rights Protection: Comply with the laws of the regions in which we operate. Have a trade union system to protect the rights of employees.

Talent development plan: Provides the required skills, knowledge and resources, seedling classes, elite classes, etc.

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Social Responsibility

Heben remembers to give back to society as it develops. We take part in various social welfare activities and take on social responsibilities willingly. Heben donates a large sum of money to charity every year. Some of the regional programs we offer are: training for handicapped youth, wheelchairs for the needy in developing countries, subsidising projects for the disabled persons assistance funds and the care of orphans, and funding food assistance.

We strive to empower people around the world to improve their lives, achieve their aspirations and meet their full potential. At Heben, we work to make the world a better place. Our partnerships and investments in health, education and economic development advance progress and strengthen communities.