Pursue the Red Footprint, Gather Striving Force

Jul 18, 2023

On the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Party Branch of the Group Headquarters, in conjunction with the Wenzhou Chemical Industry Association, organized trips to Sichuan and Chongqing to carry out red learning activities. The purpose of this event is to further temper the party spirit of party members, inherit the fine traditions, strengthen organizational construction, and enhance unity. A total of 27 party members and activists participated in this learning activity.

Chongqing People’s Liberation Monument

In order to inherit the spirit of dedication and perseverance, and inherit the essence of the red gene, on the afternoon of June 28, the delegation stopped at the Chongqing People’s Liberation Monument. Completed in August 1947, the Liberation Monument is the only monument in China commemorating the victory of the Chinese nation in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. It is a spiritual symbol of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

At the intersection of Minzu Road, Minquan Road and Zourong Road, one of the most famous buildings in Chongqing – Jiefangbei stands majestically. The surrounding business district is bustling with tall buildings and people coming and going. The Jiefangbei is the straight spine of western China, supporting Chongqing’s modernism and history. As Chen Yunhe said in his poem “Jiefang Monument”: Like a five-star red flag flying in the center of the city, a monument commemorating Chongqing’s victory in the Anti-Japanese War is a testimony to Chongqing’s hard-won happiness. It stands quietly in the bustling neighborhood, like a guiding light, illuminating the road of Chongqing’s rise.

Figure 1 - Chongqing People's Liberation Monument

Former Residence of Deng Xiaoping in Guang’an

Pursuing the red memory and sticking to the original mission, on the afternoon of the 29th, party members visited the bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping, the residential exhibition hall, and the former residence of Deng Xiaoping in turn, following in the footsteps of great men and inheriting the red gene.

First of all, the party members stopped respectfully to meditate on the achievements of the great man, looked up at the bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping sitting on the rattan chair among the green pines and cypresses, and gazed at this lovely hometown affectionately.

Then the party members walked into the exhibition hall, and what they saw was a huge sculpture of Deng Xiaoping, and they felt a sense of admiration spontaneously. The exhibition hall fully reproduces the extraordinary life of Comrade Deng Xiaoping through a large number of pictures, cultural relics and priceless paper. The three undulations of the roof and the three themes of the exhibition space are similar to observing the three peaks and troughs of a great man’s life. Whether it is the galloping battlefield of horses, the arduous exploration of the road of reform, or the hometown that has never been returned, all these experiences will be immortalized in the magnificent life.

Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s family and country feelings and innocence left a deep impression on the party members! Every piece of precious memory is a new collision of longing and admiration, and together they release a powerful force that drives them to move on!

Figure 2 - Former Residence of Deng Xiaoping
Figure 3 - Former Residence of Deng Xiaoping

Time passes, but emotions don’t. A solemn declaration of action, a deep commemoration. The party members emphasized that we must learn from the revolutionary ancestors to seek truth from facts, not to be afraid of the road ahead, to stand on the post, to stick to the original aspiration, to do everything well in a down-to-earth manner, and to live an extraordinary life.

Sichuan Heben Crop Protection Co., Ltd

In order to encourage the party organization to strengthen cohesion and co-construction, the group headquarters and its subsidiary Jiangsu Hepburn Party Branch came to the Sichuan subsidiary to guide and communicate with the Sichuan subsidiary’s party building work. A total of more than 60 people participated in this activity.

Figure 4 - Group photo at the gate of Sichuan Heben

Party members went to the Sichuan subsidiary’s manufacturing facility and carefully learned about Sichuan subsidiary’s construction. Then, in the training room, the party members from the three companies exchanged tasks. The exchange meeting was attended by Zeng Ting, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, Liao Wenbin, Secretary of the Party Branch at the Group’s headquarters, Cai Miushen, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Jiangsu subsidiary, as well as other comrades.

Liao presided over the exchange meeting and spoke, emphasizing that the activity’s goal was to create a platform for communication between the group’s headquarters and its subsidiaries, enabling the high-quality development of party-building, and then directing the construction of the enterprise. Give play to the pioneering role of party members through activities of joint organization, work linkage, and other types of cohesion, to boost the vigor of enterprise creation.

Zeng gave the party members an overview of the Group’s headquarters and subsidiaries’ construction history at the exchange meeting, highlighting the Sichuan subsidiaries’ development potential and future development path while also highlighting the current shortcomings in the Sichuan subsidiaries’ construction, in the hopes of fostering close communication between the various branches of the Party and the party members, as well as for strengthening the Group’s collaboration and talent-linking, leading to the Group’s development being steady and extensive.

Party members held a robust discussion about party-building and daily work at the exchange meeting.

Figure 5 - Zeng Ting make a speech

The Group will actively construct a new pattern of party-building work by “sharing resources, complementing each other’s strengths, promoting each other, and improving together” with the support of this activity, which will improve party-building and promote common development and progress.