Pyrimethanil 96% TC

Pyrimethanil is an anilinopyrimidine and broad-spectrum contact fungicide for the control of Botrytis spp. on a wide variety of crops. Pyrimethanil inhibits the biosynthesis of methionine and other amino acids in Botrytis cinerea. Pyrimethanil can be used for the research of fungal disease prevention on fruit, vegetable, and ornamental plants with mold infection.

Detailed information:

  • Common name: Pyrimethanil
  • IUPAC name: 4,6-dimethyl-N-phenylpyrimidin-2-amine
  • CAS No.: 53112-28-0
  • Molecular formula: C12H13N3
  • Molecular weight: 199.25
  • State: Solid
  • Packing: 25kg (providing additional packing as required)
  • Mode of action: Pyrimethanil inhibits methionine biosynthesis, thus affecting protein formation and subsequent cell division.
  • Application: Pyrimethanil can be applied as a seed treatment or as a foliar spray to a number of crops. Pyrimethanil acts by inhibiting methionine biosynthesis, thereby preventing protein formation and cell division. Pyrimethanil prevents diseases caused by a wide spectrum of fungi, including Alternaria spp.,Botrytis cinerea, Cercospora spp., Cladosporium spp., Colletotrichum spp., Monilia spp., Mycosphaerella spp., Penicillium spp. and Venturia spp. It is approved for use on apples and strawberries, and can also be used on combining peas and field beans when combined with chlorothalanil.
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