Propargite 90.6% TC

Propargite TC is a broad-spectrum insecticide, which belongs to organ sulfur insecticide. It has contact and stomach toxicity action to cause pests to stop feeding and reduce laying eggs. It is commonly used and does not produce resistance. It is selective and friendly to the environment.

Propargite TC has a good effect on the larva, the nymph, the adult mites, and summer egg mites. It can control phytophagous mites on a variety of crops, including apple, citrus, cotton, vines and vegetables.

Detailed information:

  • Common name: Propargite
  • IUPAC name: 2-(4-tert-butylphenoxy)cyclohexyl prop-2-ynyl sulfite
  • CAS No.: 2312-35-8
  • Molecular formula: C19H26O4S
  • Molecular weight: 350.5
  • State: Liquid
  • Packing: 200kg(providing additional packing as required)
  • Mode of action: Non-systemic acaricide with predominantly contact action; some additional action by inhalation.
  • Application: Control of phytophagous mites (particularly motile stages) on a variety of crops, including vines, fruit trees (e.g. top fruit, stone fruit, citrus fruit), hops, nuts, tomatoes, vegetables, ornamentals, cotton, maize, peanuts, and sorghum. Used at rates from 0.75-1.8 kg/ha on row crops and foliar sprays of 0.85-3.0 kg/ha on perennial fruit and nut crops.
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