Ioxynil octanoate TC

Ioxynil octanoate is a contact herbicide used to control weeds in cereals. Application Ioxynil-tanoate may be used as a reference standard to quantify the evaporated content of the analyte in soil samples using simple passive dosimeters, followed by liquid chromatography with diode array detection (LC-DAD)

Detailed information:

  • Common name: ioxynil octanoate
  • IUPAC name: 4-hydroxy-3,5-di-iodobenzonitrile
  • CAS No.: 3861-47-0
  • Molecular formula: C7H3I2NO
  • Molecular weight: 370.9
  • State: Colourless solid.
  • Packing: 25kg (providing additional packing as required)
  • Mode of action: Selective contact herbicide with some systemic activity. Absorbed by the foliage, with limited translocation.
  • Application: Ioxynil and its salts and esters are used for post-emergence control of a wide range of annual broad-leaved weeds, especially young seedlings of the Polygonaceae, Compositae, and Boraginaceae, in cereals, onions, leeks, garlic, shallots, flax, sugar cane, forage grasses, lawns, and newly-sown turf.
    Often used in combination with other herbicides, in order to extend the spectrum of control. Applied at 0.562 kg phenol/ha in onions, 0.350-0.490 kg phenol/ha in cereals.
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