4-Hydroxybenzoic acid

4-Hydroxybenzoic acid is an organic compound with the molecular formula C7H6O3. It is a pure white crystalline or powdery substance. In addition to its antifungal properties, p-hydroxybenzoate esters exhibit stronger antibacterial activity than benzoic acid and sorbic acid due to their phenolic hydroxyl group structure.

The characteristics of p-hydroxybenzoate esters are that they have lower toxicity than benzoic acid, and their bacteriostatic effect is independent of pH.

However, due to its low water solubility and distinct odor, its application as a food preservative is limited. Apart from being used as a preservative in food, it is mainly utilized as a preservative in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Detailed information:

  • Common name: 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid
  • CAS No.: 99-96-7
  • Molecular formula: C7H6O3
  • Molecular weight: 138.12
  • State: Solid
  • Packing: 20 kg/bag
  • Application:
    Widely used organic synthesis raw material that can be used as a food additive. It is also widely used in the fields of food, cosmetics, and medicine as preservatives, antifungal agents, and germicides.
    It is also used as an intermediate for dyes and pesticides. It can also be used as a production raw material for plasticizers used in the manufacture of colored films and synthetic oil-soluble coloring agents. In addition, it is also used in liquid crystal polymers and plastics.
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