Heben’s 2022 Mid-Year Business Retrospective Meeting

Nov 28, 2022

As a traditional event, Heben’s 2022 mid-year retrospective meeting was held in Shenxianju, a beautiful scentic spot located in Taizhou, Zhejiang. The meeting lasts for three days, from July 22 to 25. Company’s CEO, VP and managers of all departments from all subsidiaries attand this meeting.

With the theme of “Chasing Dream and Moving Forward Together”, this meeting aims to make a clear plan for the second half of the year while comprehensively summarizing and review on the Group’s performace in the first half year of 2022.

Picture 1. Total of 21 people, including company’s CEO, VP and managers of all departments from all subsidiaries attend company’s 2022 mid-year retrspective meeting.


The official meeting starts on July 23th. Heads of all departments and the general managers of subsidiaries presented semi-year works for each departments. Regarding the results, collegues together discussed the problems they facing during the work, and brain stormed possible solution for the future.

Mr. Zeng listened to the reports of all departments and summed up the company’s operation of the first half year as “the road is tortuous, but the future is bright”, and affirmed the achievements of all departments and subsidiaries in the first half year. He also pointed out that the company is still facing various challenges such as the Russian-Ukrainian war, Covid-19 regulation, and market competition. All departments must “identify deficiencies, enhance managements, prevent risks, and maintain stability”, and then make steady development to pursue higher Heben’s achievement.

From July 24th to July 25th, the company invited Xie Yanchuan, a senior certified lecturer of Beijing Peter F. Drucker Academy, to hold a two-day “Strategic review” training course through introducing the concepts of “the essence of the enterprise” and “management and its rules”. Then he divided colleagues into groups to simulate Sichuan subsidiary construction projects and gave commentary to each group. Through case analysis, colleagues comprehend various review methods and the key factors. By the combination of theory explanation and practial simulation, Mr. Xie presented the method of scene restoration and “PDCA cycle” to lead colleagues to learn how to apply the management tool of “team review”.


After the training, Mr. Zeng proposed that the members of each group selected representative cases of the company from the first half of the year, and carried out high-level restoration and simulation based on the four elements of the review: back to the facts, finds the anomalies, raise questions, and solve questions. All departments should implement the review method into future work. Through team review and individual review, we can convert the experience into work ability and  then improve. There is a saying people also mention, the road is tortuous, but the future is bright. We believe our company will keep grow even under such difficult post pandamic period.