Heben Successful Visit To Mexico

Sep 27, 2023

Our sales team visited Mexico from August 14th to 18th. During this time we visited Mexico City, Los Mochis and Guadalajara. We had the opportunity to visit top agricultural companies in Mexico and discuss with them matters such as registration, market conditions, business and further cooperation.

Heben Successful Visit To Mexico

Great Partners, Mexico

Mexico is the leading crop protection market in Central America, along with Guatemala and Nicaragua. According to market intelligence agency AgbioInvestor, the Mexican agrochemical market was worth US$890 million between 2015 and 2020.

Despite the general contraction in the Mexican economy, agribusiness responded positively to COVID-19-related food demand, growing by 4.5% in 2021 to 290.7 million tons (21.7 million hectares harvested, 1.9 million tons of fishery-related products, meat category 7.4 million tons). As a result, Mexico’s tobacco industry will continue to expand, driven by strong consumer demand and a growing middle class.

Mexico has a large land area and diverse climate, which is very suitable for large-scale agricultural production. Mexico is the world’s 11th largest agricultural producer, 12th largest livestock producer, 17th largest fishery producer and 12th largest food producer, according to Mexico’s Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (Secretaría de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural, or SADER) country. Overall, the country is Latin America’s third-largest agricultural producer.

Great Partners, Mexico

The main crop in Mexico is corn. In addition to corn, there are many crops with the largest cultivated area in the world.

Crops Planting Area
World Ranking of Production
Corn 7,100,000 7th
Sorghum 1,710,000 8th
Sugarcane 780,000 6th
wheat 720,000 31st
Alfafa 388,000 3rd
Avocados 176,000 1st, 1/3 of world
Lime 172,000 2nd,14.1% of world
bell peppers 149,000 2nd
potato 65,000 37th
Tomato 52,000 10th,2% of world
Broccoli 31,000 4th,2.2% of world
Berries 17,000 4th,7.9% of world
Strawberry 10,000 3rd,5% of world

During the trip, we met a lot of friends and had a pleasure time here.

During the trip, we’ve met a lot of friends and spent a pleasure time hereDuring the trip, we’ve met a lot of friends and spent a pleasure time hereDuring the trip, we’ve met a lot of friends and spent a pleasure time hereDuring the trip, we’ve met a lot of friends and spent a pleasure time here

Products Recommended for Mexico Market:

We recommended our strong products which we supported our partners completed data to register in Mexico already:

Metalaxyl 98% TC

Difenoconazole 97% TC

Propamocarb Hydrochloride 92% TC

Hexythiazox 98% TC

Also, we recommended some new products in Mexico:

Clomazone TC, Oxyfluorfen TC, Quizalofop-P-ethyl TC

Products Recommended for Mexico Market

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