Heben Group Mid-Year Work Report Meeting in 2023

Aug 31, 2023

From July 21 to July 23, 2023, the group company’s mid-year work report meeting was successfully held in Yongjia. The theme of this work report meeting is “Chasing Dreams and Sailing, Striving for Progress”, summarizing growth and gains, and seeking common development and a new chapter. A total of 24 people including Chairman Zeng, Vice President and heads of various departments of the Group attended the meeting.

Year Work Report Meeting in 2023

This meeting was conducted in the form of a “report + comments”. The heads of each department summarized and reported on the work in the first half of 2023, and made corresponding plans and prospects for the work in the second half of 2023. After the reports of each department were completed, the attendees engaged in enthusiastic comments and discussions.


Each vice president reviewed and summarized the work of their respective departments, conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing problems and deficiencies in the current work, and put forward suggestions and requirements for improvement. The general managers of the Jiangsu and Sichuan branches also reported on the work progress of each branch in the first half of the year.

Mr. Zeng, chairman of the group

Mr. Zeng, chairman of the group, listened to the report and affirmed the achievements of the headquarters and subsidiary departments in the first half of the year. Zeng pointed out that in the face of the complex and ever-changing external environment and the “cold winter” of the industry, all departments of the group closely focused on the company’s strategic goals and annual goals, faced difficulties, took the initiative, put all work first, and worked hard to overcome various difficulties encountered in climbing and crossing the obstacles.

In order to ensure the high-quality completion of the annual task goals, Zeng requested that all management cadres must be prepared for danger, improve their management thinking, change their management philosophy, strengthen their confidence, forge ahead, and do a solid job in all aspects with a high degree of responsibility and full spirit.

The employees should practice their internal skills diligently, fight steadily, and breakthrough against the trend, striving to successfully achieve the 2023 annual plan task goals!