Heben Football Team won the championship of the first Yangyi Football League “Welcoming the Asian Games and Creating harmony”

Dec 22, 2023

To create an atmosphere of warm welcome to the Asian Games, promote cultural exchanges among enterprises in the region, and further promote the national fitness campaign, the Yangyi Street Federation of Trade Unions and the Yangyi Street Yanjiang Cultural Center jointly organized the first Yangyi Street Football League to “Welcome the Asian Games and Create Harmony”.

This competition brought together five teams, including Heben Technology, Haituo Environment, Lucheng Electroplating, Yang Yi Team 1, and Yang Yi Team 2. It lasted 7 days and had a total of 10 exciting games.

The Yangyi Football League

The company’s labor union selected 7 employees from each department and workshop to form a football team and actively participate.

One week before the game, the team members used their free time after work to actively conduct pre-competition training, strengthen their physical reserves, further enhance the tacit understanding among the players and lay a solid foundation for the following games.

Football Competition of Heben Team

On the evening of August 14th, the football league kicked off at Yangyi No. 2 Primary School! The team members gathered at Green Stadium to fight for collective honor. The morale of the participating teams is high and the players are full of energy.

They sweated on the court and cooperated tacitly, giving full play to the team’s cohesion and combat effectiveness. An exquisite pass, a wonderful shot, a handsome save, and a happy shout sounded on the field one after another, sprinting towards the championship!

Heben Football Team won the championship

On the evening of August 28th, amidst fierce competition, the league came to a successful conclusion. After four rounds of exciting chasing, Heben football team finally won the league championship!