Cherish the “lifeline” of fire protection – The Group company organizes fire safety training for new employees

Mar 05, 2023

In order to effectively strengthen fire safety management, enhance the awareness of fire safety and responsibility of new employees, master fire safety knowledge and fire fighting skills, and improve the intrinsic safety of the company.

On the afternoon of December 14, the group company organized a fire safety training for new employees, a total of 35 people participated in this training, and the training include basic fire protection knowledge and on-site equipment drill.

fire protection

In the theoretical training, the lecturer took the cases of domestic fire accidents in recent years as the starting point and gave lectures in various ways, such as videos and pictures.

He explained in detail a series of knowledge, such as “basic knowledge of fire fighting”, “how-to-use fire-fighting equipment”, “initial fire fighting method”, “fire evacuation” and so on. The detailed explanation makes everyone familiar with fire safety “four understandings, four can-do, four abilities”, and improves the fire safety theory knowledge of new employees.

After the theoretical training, the new employees came to the fire fighting and rescue teaching drill area to carry out on-site equipment drills. The company’s emergency rescue team members demonstrated how to use fire extinguishers and fire hoses.

Each participant began to take turns carrying out the practical operation.  In the fire extinguisher drill, every participant sprints hard, “pull the bolt, point the root of the fire, press the handle”, from finding the fire point to putting out the fire point, all in one motion.

In the fire hose drill, the emergency rescue team members instructed how to open the hydrant, connect the fire hose and fire nozzle one by one, and guided the trainees to master the correct steps and posture of extinguishing the fire. Through practical operation training, the new staff consolidated their fire control knowledge and the ability to use fire equipment.

fire protection work

This fire safety training has given new employees a deeper understanding of fire protection work, let them understand that “hidden dangers are more dangerous than open flames, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai”, and through personal experience, they have improved their emergency handling capabilities in the face of sudden fires.

“One guard a place safe, all guard a stable mountain.” The group company attaches great importance to the work of production safety. Fire protection training for new employees is a routine training of the company, which is a compulsory course for every new Heben people.

Fire protection training lays a solid foundation for them to adapt to the workplace and understand the characteristics of the chemical industry. Unremitting fire safety training, always remind each of our employees.

Only fire safety is rooted in our hearts, we can create a safe and comfortable working environment, and build a firm “firewall” for the safe operation of the enterprise!