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We take pride in our research and development services, which provide an opportunity for our customers to leverage our team of experts in product development. Our team has a successful track record in assisting companies to create and introduce new products into the market. We can work alongside you to conduct market research, develop your product, design your packaging, and much more. With our help, you can turn your ideas into reality and become a thriving business in your industry.

Our R&D Achievements

Our R&D Achievements

Heben Laboratory is a comprehensive testing and research center that offers a range of services. The laboratory is responsible for conducting the pesticide registration and CNAS accreditation tests. In addition, the center is also engaged in the development and research of analytical methods for newly formulated products. To date, we have successfully formulated analysis methods for hundreds of new products and compiled the relevant enterprise standards. Moreover, our laboratory actively participates in the formulation of national and industry standards for related products of enterprises such as difenoconazole and metalaxyl.

The Heben Experimental Center is also an active participant in the Ministry of Agriculture’s annual pesticide quality testing ability comparison test. We are proud to have received qualified and recognition test results every year.

In 2020, the laboratory center was assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture of China to participate in the formulation of liquid chromatographic analysis methods for seven products, including bromodifen. Additionally, we contributed to the preparation of the NY/T 4119-2022 industry standard, which was approved for publication in July 2022. Our laboratory is committed to providing superior testing services and actively contributing to the development of industry standards.

Dedicated To Safety and Innovatory Manufacturing

Dedicated To Safety and Innovatory Manufacturing

The company consistently upholds the safety policy of prioritizing “health, safety, prevention first and scientific development while complying with regulations.” Our commitment to these policies remains unwavering as we pursue continuous updates to our facilities and improvements in our management practices to ensure stable manufacturing operations.

Regarding safety, we have placed a strong emphasis on automating and transforming the entire production process. With an investment of over 10 million RMB, we have constructed a safety evaluation laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art safety inspection instruments, including automatic reaction calorimeters, differential scanning calorimeters (DSCs), and accelerated adiabatic calorimeters (ARC). This investment has enabled us to obtain CNAS certification in July 2022. Through these advanced tools, we can effectively assess the safety risks associated with fine chemical reactions, which provides accurate safety data for product research and production. This comprehensive approach minimizes major process safety risks and allows us to discover optimal reaction conditions and innovative manufacturing processes.

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