Heben participated in ACE 2023

Oct 30, 2023

Recently, the ACE Agrochemical Exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai, and the exhibition attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign companies. As one of the large-scale agrochemical manufacturers, Heben also participated in this event and actively explored new growth points in agriculture.

Heben participated in ACE2023

During the exhibition, the company interacted with a variety of stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, agricultural consultants and other industry professionals. Heben used the opportunity to promote the importance of sustainable agriculture and the role of agrochemicals in achieving it.

The company has benefited greatly from participating in agrochemical exhibitions. Not only do we manage to showcase their products and technologies to a wider audience, but we also build valuable relationships with industry partners and customers. Many people visited our company’s booth and were impressed by Heben’s sustainable farming solutions and expressed interest in cooperating with us in the future.

ACE exhibition  great significance to Heben

In short, this ACE exhibition is of great significance to Heben. By demonstrating its strength and product advantages, our company not only gained more market opportunities and partners, but also laid a solid foundation for future business expansion.
In future development, Heben will continue to pay attention to market demand, actively innovate in research and development, and provide more high-quality and efficient agrochemical products for agricultural production.