Drill for Defense and Preparedness

Jun 15, 2023

——Emergency drill for fire escape in the administrative office building


June this year is the 22nd safe production month in the country, In order to improve employees’ fire safety awareness, check employees’ fire response capabilities, so as to discover and make up for deficiencies in fire safety work in a timely manner. On the morning of June 7, the group company organized employees of the administrative office building to conduct a surprise fire escape drill around the theme of “everyone pays attention to safety and everyone must respond to emergencies”. The chairman of the drill, the commander-in-chief, and Director Chen of the Security Department acted as the on-site commander. A total of 66 staff members from various departments of the administrative office building participated in the drill.

The Beginning of Drill

Yellow smoke filled the company building, signaling the start of the drill.

“Please note that if there is an emergency in this area, please follow the instructions of the staff and evacuate to a safe area.” Accompanied by the rapid alarm, the accident broadcast issued an emergency evacuation notice, an silent escape drill quietly opened, the company’s administrative office building fire escape emergency drill officially began!

After hearing the fire alarm, the staff began the emergency evacuation. Under the organization of the guide, they kept calm and followed the instructions. Everyone bowed their heads, covered their mouths and noses, and evacuated quickly and orderly along the safe passage.

People from each floor rushed to the designated place. All departments immediately counted the number of people and reported them to the drill headquarters.

The Boss’s Speech

The Bosss Speech

At the end of the escape exercise, Chairman Zeng Ting made comments on the emergency exercise and affirmed the activity. Zeng pointed out that the drill was tense and orderly, the emergency environment was realistic, the security work was in place, most of the employees could evacuate and rescue according to the emergency plan, there was no stampede, successful evacuation, the drill basically achieved the expected effect, but there are still some problems and deficiencies:

  • Some personnel gave up participating in the drill due to the smoke problem on the scene, and did not pay enough attention to the emergency drill.
  • Some personnel failed to evacuate to the designated place within the best escape time.
  • Employees do not know the distribution of emergency supplies on each floor and how to use the escape mask correctly. During the drill, most of the people still used ordinary masks and paper towels for protection, and failed to give priority to the escape masks equipped with each floor.

Zeng stressed: exercise is actual combat! The members of the company should attach great importance to the emergency drill, establish the ideological understanding of practice as war, further master the emergency rescue work, consolidate and improve the emergency ability, respond calmly to the face of emergencies, and do a good job in safety prevention.

Drill for Defense and Preparedness

Practical Exercise of Fire Extinguishers

Subsequently, under the organization of the staff, the practical exercise of the fire extinguisher was carried out. First, the members of the company’s emergency rescue team will explain the use of the fire extinguisher to all the staff: how to pull out the insurance pin correctly, use the nozzle to extinguish the fire, how to pay attention to the wind direction and safe fire extinguishing distance when extinguishing the fire, etc.

After the explanation, the staff took turns to carry out the “life and death rescue”, pulled out the insurance pin, aimed at the constantly raging flames in the oil barrel, pressed the handle, the raging flame suddenly turned into a trace of white smoke. For the misunderstanding in the operation of the staff, the emergency rescue team members one by one, and strive to staff to master the use of fire equipment, practice the ability to extinguish the initial fire.

Practical Exercise of Fire Extinguishers
Practical Exercise of Fire Extinguishers

In conclusion

In times of peace, we must be prepared for danger. The drill adopted the method of “irregular, no greeting”, and the performance of “actual combat”. Without advance drill time, place and practice content, simulated administrative office building fire, give drill personnel immersive, participatory escape and fire experience, real test the company administrative office building related departments emergency escape response speed and coordination ability, improve the level of fire drill actual combat, for HEBEN development to create a safe and stable environment!


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