Penconazole – A new generation of antifungal triazole fungicide

May 26, 2023

Since triazolone was launched on the market in 1973, triazole fungicides have developed rapidly. At present, triazole fungicides are used in the largest amount. Among them, penconazole is a typical representative of triazole fungicides first discovered by Fibrelam.

Penconazole is a new generation of broad-spectrum and high-efficiency antifungal triazole fungicides. It is mainly used to control rice sheath blight, wheat rust, cucurbit downy mildew, and other diseases. Penconazole has the advantages of low toxicity, no residue, no pollution to the environment, and safe use.


The Identity of Penconazole

ISO common name Penconazole
Chemical name (RS)-1-(2,4-dichloro-β-propylphenethyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazole (IUPAC)
Empirical Formula C13H15Cl2N3
Molecular Weight 284.2
CAS RN 66246-88-6

Physical & Chemical Property of Penconazole technical

Purity 95%min
Color Grey
Physical state Crystal
Density 1.30 (20℃)
Melting Point 57.6~60.3℃
Vapour Pressure 3.7×10-1mPa (25℃); 0.17mPa (20℃)
Solubility in water 73 mg/L (25℃)
Solubility in other solvent In ethanol 730, acetone 770, toluene 610, n-hexane 22, n-octanol 400 (all in g/l, 25℃)
Stability Stable to hydrolysis (PH 1-13), and to temperatures up to 350℃
PH value ≤0.3% (expressed as H2SO4)
Water content ≤0.3%
Kow log P 3.72 (PH 5.7, 25℃)

How does penconazole work?

Penconazole is a triazole endogenous fungicide, which can be quickly absorbed and conducted by plants, and has good protective and therapeutic effects.

The main mechanism of action of penconazole is a sterol demethylation inhibitor, which destroys and prevents the biosynthesis of ergosterol, an important component of the bacterial cell membrane, resulting in the failure of the cell membrane to form and the death of the bacteria.

What are the benefits of using penconazole?

Penconazole is a systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Absorbed by the leaves, with translocation acropetally. Penconazole can be used to control powdery mildew, pome fruit scab, and other pathogenic diseases on vines, pome fruit, stone fruit, ornamentls, hops, and vegetables.

Its holding period can be up to 15 days, and has little inhibitory effect on crops. It can be used as a single or compound agent.

How does penconazole work

The use of Penconazole

Penconazole is mainly used as a fungicide in agriculture and horticulture to control fungal diseases of various crops, including fruits, vegetables, grains, ornamentals, and turf grasses. The following are some specific prevention methods for penconazole:

To control grape white rot, it is advisable to apply pesticides at the early stage of the disease and spray with 2500 times 10% penconazole EC. Valid for 15 days.

To control apple and pear scab, spray with 10% penconazole EC 1000 times liquid, spray once every 7-10 days, and generally spray 2-3 times, the effect is remarkable.

To prevent peach brown spot disease, spray 10% penconazole EC 1000 times liquid at the early stage of the disease, spray once every 7-10 days, and spray 2-3 times continuously.

When using penconazole, you must strictly follow the instructions and pay attention to safety.

The synthetical process of Penconazole

The synthetical process of Penconazole

Registration in China

Registration in China

Penconazole TC is only registered with four companies in China.

Jiangsu Heben Biochemical Co., Ltd
Italy Agvin Life Sciences Co., LTD
Zhejiang Udragon Pesticides and Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Udragon Bioscience Co., Ltd.

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