Indoxacarb: A Powerful Insecticide for Lepidoptera Pest Control

Jul 17, 2023

Lepidoptera is an order of the subclass Lepidoptera. It is the second largest order in the class Insecta after Coleoptera. Lepidoptera insects play an important role in industries related to plant growth and maintenance such as agriculture, forestry, grass industry, and green plants. They can eat the leaves of crops within a few days.

Lepidoptera pests come in four forms: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. Adults generally do not harm crops. Most of them have two pairs of wings, and there are a large number of small scales on the wings, which will fall off when caught and stick to the hands like dust.

Lepidoptera pests mainly feed on plant leaves and stems with larvae, causing symptoms such as leaf defects, leaf curling, hollow wormholes in stems, and white spikes, which hinder crop growth. The mouthparts of these larvae are mostly chewing mouthparts, so indocarb agents with both tactile and stomach poisoning functions can be selected for control.

Indoxacarb is primarily utilized for the management of Lepidoptera pests, including but not limited to sugar beet moth, diamondback moth, cabbage caterpillar, hairy beetle, cotton bollworm, tobacco worm, and tortrix. In this article, we will provide an overview of indoxacarb’s distinguishing features, benefits, and mode of action.

The Identity of Indoxacarb

The Identity of Indoxacarb

ISO common name Indoxacarb
Chemical name methyl (S)-N-[7-chloro-2,3,4a,5-tetrahydro-4a-(methoxycarbonyl)


(trifluoromethoxy)carbanilate (IUPAC)

Structural Formula
Empirical Formula C22H17ClF3N3O7
Molecular Weight 527.8
CAS RN 144171-61-9


Physical & Chemical Property of Indoxacarb technical

Appearance White
Physical state Powder
Odor Pungent odor
Melting point / freezing point Melting point 88.1℃
Vapour pressure 2.5 ×10-5 mPa (25°C)
Relative density 1.44(20°C)
Solubility In water 0.20 mg/l (25 ºC). In n-octanol 14.5 g/l, methanol 103 g/l, acetonitrile 139 g/l, acetone>250 g/kg (all 25 ºC)
Partition coefficient: n-octanol/water KOW logP = 4.65
How does Indoxacarb work

How does Indoxacarb work?

Indoxacarb is an innovative sodium ion channel inhibitor that operates through a unique mechanism of action compared to other insecticides. Upon ingestion by insects, indoxacarb quickly transforms into N-de methoxycarbonyl metabolites, which exhibit potent insecticidal properties within the fat body, particularly in the midgut. This metabolic activation process necessitates the involvement of esterases or amidases for catalysis.

Indoxacarb, based on neurophysiological studies, is known to metabolize into DCJW in insects. This process leads to the irreversible obstruction of sodium ion channels, causing movement disorders, cessation of feeding, paralysis, and ultimately death in target insects. The effects of indoxacarb also extend to its larvicidal and ovicidal properties. The primary mechanism by which indoxacarb exerts its action is through stomach poisoning and contact killing.

Indoxacarb is mainly used for the control of lepidopteran pests on vegetables, fruits, and commercial crops, such as cotton bollworm, cabbage worm, tobacco worm, cabbage moth, sugar beet moth, cabbage moth, silver moth, mealy moth, leaf tortrix, apple moth, Leafhoppers, grape gnats, grape bearded tortrix, diamond drill, cotton tortrix, grass bugs, potato tuber moth, potato beetle, etc.

What is the advantages of Indoxacarb

What is the advantages of Indoxacarb?

Indoxacarb is a highly effective insecticide with several advantages in pest control and management. Some of the key benefits of indoxacarb include:

Wide insecticidal spectrum and good safety

Indoxacarb can effectively control leaf rolling moths, rapeseed worms, Streptomyces chinensis, cotton bollworm, tobacco worms and other pests on rice, peanut, tobacco, fruit trees, cruciferous vegetables, tea trees, ornamental plants and other crops. Indoxacarb is safe for crops, non-target biosafety for beneficial insects in the environment, and low residue, especially for vegetables and other crops with multiple harvests. In addition, Indoxacarb is also used as a sanitary insecticide to prevent cockroaches, fire ants and ants.

No cross-resistance, good mixing

Due to the special insecticidal principle of Indoxacarb, and common insecticides such as pyrethroids, organophosphorus and carbamates are different, so there is still no cross-resistance between Indoxacarb and the above insecticide products. At the same time, Indoxacarb can be combined with most insecticide products without antagonistic or adverse reactions, so as to expand the insecticidal spectrum and slow down the occurrence of resistance.

Efficient with long duration

Indoxacarb plays an insecticidal activity through touch and stomach toxicity, after the liquid medicine is contacted or eaten by pests, it can generally stop feeding about 3-4 hours, and play a role in preventing pests from further harming crops, but because of its role characteristics, the peak of dead insects will occur within 2-3 days. Some people believe that they did not see the death of the insect, but therefore do not recognize the quick effect of Indoxacarb. Indoxacarb can be strongly adsorbed on the leaf surface, and is not easy to decompose under strong ultraviolet light. It is resistant to high temperature and rain erosion. The lasting period is about 12-15 days.

How can you find Indoxacarb with good quality and low price

How can you find Indoxacarb with good quality and low price?

Indoxacarb’s broad-spectrum activity and rapid knockdown effect effectively target and eliminate caterpillars, common populations of Lepidopteran larvae, and other pests. Its cross-layer activity ensures thorough coverage and protection of both leaf surfaces, providing a comprehensive defense against lepidopteran infestation.

In addition, indoxacarb has long-lasting residual activity, reducing the need for frequent reapplication and providing long-term pest control. It is less toxic to mammals and has fewer effects on non-target organisms, making it a safe choice for integrated pest management practices.

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