Agronomist Mr. Zhang from Heben Group — Help Farmers Solve Problems of Garlic

Jun 20, 2023

Jinxiang is a well-known hometown of garlic in China. It has a history of growing garlic for more than 2000 years, the average annual output was about 800,000 tons. It has formed a situation in the world that “garlic in the world depends on China, and garlic in China depends on Jinxiang”. In recent years, with the continuous development of garlic production, soil fertility has been declining and soil-borne diseases have become more and more serious due to continuous cropping for many years. Continuous cropping obstacles have become a major problem in garlic production.

At present, Jinxiang garlic is in the key stage of resume growth. After knowing the actual needs of farmers, Heben immediately organized a technical team headed by agronomist Zhang Hongbin to inverstigate and conduct rigorous experiments. Then designed a set of efficient and safe “disease prevention and production increase” combination for local farmers, and proposed pesticides technology solutions for different diseases. “Attentive products” and “attentive services” is the company purpose, eventually captured number of garlic farmers, which caused a strong response in the local media.

Agronomist Mr. Zhang from Heben Group

As a senior agrochemical enterprise, Heben Group has been committed to the research and development, production of efficient and green environmental pesticides and the promotion of green plant protection and control technology since its establishment. After years of development, the company has accumulated mature experience in the whole process of crop disease and pest control.

In recent years, the company has further expanded the scale of the professional agronomist team, through in-depth research on the growth habits of crops and the needs of pest control, to provide farmers with crop plant protection solutions, to help farmers scientifically control pests and diseases, save costs and increase income. The company carries out more than 1,500 demonstration tests, on-site observation and training meetings every year, training farmers on crop cultivation and plant protection knowledge, and providing technical for farmers to increase production.