zhejiangheben address
zhejiangheben address

Zhejiang Heben is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, boasting an area of 6 hectares and over 500 employees. This site serves as the headquarters for the Heben Group, housing research and development, marketing, and management activities. The Zhejiang plant produces a range of formulation type, including EC, SC, WDG, EW, and FS, making it the biggest formulation plant of the Heben Group.

The Zhejiang plant is home to a CANS 17025-certified Chinese GLP lab, which functions as a platform for analysis, testing, scientific research, and innovation. The lab provides technical services for our enterprise and commissioning inspections for small and medium-sized chemical enterprises and relevant local departments. With our commitment to environmental responsibility, the Zhejiang plant also has robust waste treatment capabilities, which can handle up to 100 MT/d of wastewater and 15,000 Nm3/h of waste gas. We also outsource solid waste treatment in compliance with EPA laws.

Administration Building

DCS control center - Heben

DCS control center

Chinese GLP CNAS LAB - Heben



Wall of Fame

Reading corner

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